(...a question I ask myself daily)


I’m Samantha Skelly, most people call me Skelly, Skellz, Samwich, Spark Plug or Mom - you can choose your fav flavor.

What’s up new friend, I am so grateful you’re here.

For most of my life I’ve going against the grain and wanted to understand how we could do this ‘life’ thing differently. With more fun, more joy and more play. I’ve been obsessed with cracking the code on human potential and inspiring people to empower themselves.

I can’t empower you, I’m not God, or some ancient guru living in a temple. I’m just a regular Canadian chick who is obsessed with tacos, loves slip ’n slides, drops a few too many f-bombs (according to my Mom) loves pranking people for no reason and gets high off human connection.

I can’t empower you, BUT - I can inspire you to understand how to empower yourself.

Here’s the cool thing about this all…

We’ve been given everything we need inside our bodies to feel the way we so desperately want to feel (cliche AF, I get it) but hear me out for a hot minute…

Inside of you right now is everything you need to feel all you desire - think about this a sec, why do we do ANYTHING in life?

…it’s to feel something. More love More fulfillment More connection More ease More play


We work SO hard to feel something, reaching out into the external world in order and trying to get the things outside of ourselves to fulfill what is perceived to be empty inside of us.

It’s ass backwards, sweet love.

You have access to ALL you desire and more through feeling, though getting in your body and TRULY living from a place of being, not doing.

So many of us (including myself, for years) didn’t understand this concept. I fought with being in my body for a long time, it didn’t feel safe - I felt like I wouldn’t be able to handle the emotion trapped within my body.

I was wrong.

When I gave myself permission to fully FEEL and release the suppressed emotion I was set free.

My vision for the world is for every human on the planet to understand the power locked within them and set themselves free - though the power of breathwork.

My vision is to unite humanity again, facilitate human connection through the breath. I am certain breathwork will change the world, when we understand the brilliance we have within us, we can finally stop searching for it.

Through my Hungry For Happiness Certification Program & My Pause Breathwork Facilitator training, my goal is to train world class healers to bring this work into the world. If you’re interested in either - check them out and apply today.

Wanna feel something you’ve never felt before?

Wanna feel something you’ve never felt before?

I invite you to come on a journey with me - make yourself comfy, listen to this audio and let me know when you’re finished how incredible you feel.

Here is just sommmmeeeeee of the feedback I get on the regular about this breathwork practice…

“Holy %&^$ Sam, I feel on fire!” “For the first time in my whole life I finally feel IN my body, I finally feel alive” “The peace I feel in my body is incredible, I’ve been searching for this my whole life”

I can’t wait to hear about your journey.

I’m all about the IG life, so hop on over and share your experience when you’re finished - kayy? @samanthaskelly

You can access the magic here.

Thanks for popping in, I can’t wait to witness you feeling the power and magic that is within your body in this very moment, we just now need to unlock it.

See you on the other side…

I love you, Samantha


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