How the Diet Industry Perpetuates the Struggle

Uncategorized Jan 16, 2019

I think it’s safe to say, that at the very least, millions of people have looked to the diet industry for help in overcoming their food and body issues. The sad truth is that said $80 billion dollar industry is broken AF and preys on the pain and insecurity of people to make money. The diet industry actually perpetuates the struggle.

The diet industry maximizes and then plays off of people’s insecurities. It’s not news that the standards for beauty in our society are unrealistic and nearly impossible to achieve. All forms of media are saturated with tall, gorgeous, slim women and masculine, fit, attractive men. Sex and beauty sell, and the diet industry totally takes advantage of this marketing tactic. A quick search on Amazon for a weight loss program shows thousands of results accompanied by images of beautiful, half-naked trainers/industry pros. Forget that we all have different body types and sizes. So when we’re constantly inundated with images of beauty standards that we can’t reach, it’s only natural to feel like there is something wrong with us and that we need to be “fixed.”

False promises of success are the norm for the diet industry. Nearly every fad diet and weight loss program comes with loads of marketing that include too good to be true testimonials and before and after photos. However, when you read the fine print, it usually notes, “Results not typical. Your results may vary.” Uh gee, maybe that’s because the diet industry is just promoting “quick fixes” and bandaids for bullet wounds that don’t actually solve the root cause of WHY people suffer from disordered eating in the first place. Disordered eating is an emotional issue that needs an emotional solution, not the fad diet of the moment that is not only unsustainable, but will probably trigger binge eating and weight gain due to food restriction and deprivation. 

Diets do not solve the REAL problem with food and body issues. You must digger way deeper than counting calories and sticking to a crazy workout routine. It’s about uncovering and healing the root emotional issue that is making you turn to food in the first place. It’s time to get off the diet industry’s crazy train. It’s time to fix a broken system. You need to feel in order to heal, and no “quick fix” or trendy fad diet is going to lead to real, lasting healing and transformation.