On Being A Woman

Uncategorized Sep 02, 2019

Wanna know a secret? I struggled for years to fully own my feminine essence, the part of me that so deeply wanted to surrender into a man, savour the sweetness, embrace pleasure, and allow my body to experience rest without all of the “doing.”

Instead, I wore a masculine mask and hustled to “get shit done,” because if I slowed down, I’d fail. At least, that’s what I was told, over and over again. That’s the social norm:

women need to be like men to be successful.

I internalized that narrative and played it out by being a #BossBabe. I’m not gonna lie - there was a lot of theoretical “dick swinging” as I tried to climb my way to the top. The climb was exhausting, the hustle was debilitating, and throwing in the towel was often an option I considered. Until I realized:

- Not tapping into my feminine essence was preventing me from truly enjoying life and being fulfilled.

- Being in my feminine essence and energy allows me to achieve all I want, not from a place of hustle, but from a place of grace, flow, ease, and love.

- Space, stillness, and slowness are my superpowers, and when I allow myself to bask in nothingness, I can truly feel what is a “yes” for me and what is a “no” in my body.

- I get to give myself full permission to live in pleasure - sexually, emotionally, and physically, and by being in pleasure and enjoyment, I feel fulfilled at the deepest level.

- Settling and softening into masculine energy and allowing myself to be taken care of is not weakness, it’s grace and power.

Bottom line - being a woman is a privilege. There is so much power in our ability to settle into this feminine energy and live with our hearts cracked open and our arms spread wide. There is so much power in our ability to attract and create through our BEING not our DOING. So…what do you love about being a woman?