We Botched The Basics

Uncategorized Jun 17, 2019

Humans have done such a brilliant job at fucking up the three most basic things in life:

How to eat.

How to feel.

And how to breathe.

 The truth is that we were born with everything we need to heal our bodies and be in a state of peace. We were born with the internal mechanisms to shift our nervous system to be in a state of happiness.

We are in these physical bodies to simply explore and allow this experience to be one of peace, wonder, and awe. When we are in a constant state of struggle, however, we are focused on the wrong things. So ask yourself:

How can I eat to honour my body today?

How can I feel my emotions to be more in tune with what is REAL?

How can I use my breath to calm down and invite in peace?

We live in a world where we are addicted to the struggle. We are addicted to living in states of stress because it’s all most of us have known in life. In fact, when things are chill, we ruin them so we can thrive in the chaos again, because it’s like a comfort blanket (of misery, but still, a comfort blanket). It’s so crazy. Instead of dwelling in the misery, try this on for size:

Let your body decide what to eat today, NOT your mind. (Hint: your body doesn’t want ice cream and Doritos, that’s your mind ;)

Feel into your emotions, feel them deeply and ask yourself, “How can I love you more today?”

Breathe. Just freaking breathe, and allow your breath to calm down your nervous system.

It’s time to get back to the basics. Ya know, before we botched them ;)