Navigating Love and Entrepreneurship: A Candid Chat with my Fiancé Eric Moeller


Welcome to another heart-to-heart episode of the Can’t Be Contained Podcast where real emotions meet raw truth! In this episode, I sit down with my main squeeze (and fiancé!), Eric Moeller.

We dive deep into our journey as a couple, exploring the challenges, the triumphs, and everything in between. From his initial hesitations about dating a fellow entrepreneur to our engagement story. We explore our views on cultural beliefs about financial equality to the methods we’ve developed to navigate stress in our relationship. Plus we share how we balance our core value of family with the pressures and commitments of being entrepreneurs.


Get ready for an open and candid conversation that touches on our views of masculine and feminine dynamics, our cherished couples rituals, and the art of conflict resolution, plus answers to your burning questions.

Join us for this intimate exploration of love, entrepreneurship, and personal growth. Tune in, and let’s get reeeeeeal together!

In this episode, Eric and I dive into:

  • Our commitment to our health journey and playing a bigger game
  • The things I most appreciate about Eric as a man
  • Eric’s insights on making an identity shift & sticking to it
  • The value of having a partner that can shine the light on your character
  • How vision plays a role in stepping into the version of you that you’re becoming
  • What Eric learned from having to earn what he wanted & how self-development played a role in being able to get it
  • Why it’s important to “want it badly enough” to be able to achieve what you want
  • How the mindset of instant gratification has skewed the reality of “overnight success” (hint: everything takes time)
  • The pressure I put on our relationship because I wanted it to be perfect now and quickly
  • The gift and distortion of “moving fast” (either in business or relationship)
  • How self-worth and self-belief helps us receive and achieve our goals
  • The benefits of knowing that things take time and that shortcuts don’t actually work to get us what we truly want
  • Why we work proactively “hard” on our relationship so that life and our dynamic feels “easy”
  • An exploration of why some people feel so resistant to therapy and difficult relationship conversations
  • How pain motivates us to change but “discomfort” sometimes isn’t painful enough for us to take action
  • Eric’s career transition from founding one company to another, and the risks he’s had to take
  • Our unique way to clear tension in our relationship to prevent heaviness and resentment
  • The benefits of navigating conflict in a conscious way
  • How overcoming conflict in our relationship helps us overcome the obstacles in life
  • Eric’s lessons from Muay Thai and pain resistance and how it applies to personal life, relationships, and business
  • How I notice when my inner child has entered a conflict and it’s time to take a step back so I reconnect to my adult self
  • How to have conflict without rupturing each other so we can evolve into a deeper connection
  • How we can change patterns passed down from our parents in the way we treat our partners
  • The story of how originally Eric didn’t want to date an entrepreneur and what changed (cuz now he’s engaged to one 😉 )
  • Our exploration of getting married, and having kids, while also both being entrepreneurs
  • Why the feeling of being financially provided for me feels so foreign to me
  • An exploration of the cultural belief that men and women have to be equal in everything, including making money.
  • How we handle “stress” in my business so that it doesn’t impact our relationship
  • The rituals that we have on a weekly basis that we do in order to stay touched in with each other
  • How we do “wild time” to disconnect from technology
  • The 7 different points we do on our weekly “coffee date” to reflect on our relationship together
  • How to create systems around things that create tension in your relationship
  • The challenges that came up for us after we got engaged
  • Our views on masculine/feminine dynamics in relationship and divine union
  • Answers to your questions: How we navigate conflict, our favorite thing about each other, how Eric is with my high energy, and how our engagement went.
  • And SO much more!


About Eric Moeller (he’s my fiancé, duhhh… but here’s his “professional bio” for ya 😉)

Eric has been in real estate for over 15 years and started focusing on short-term rentals when he moved out to San Diego in 2016. 

He saw the opportunity to manage other people’s properties and quickly expanded to over 100+ properties under management. 

Outside of Legends X, Eric currently focuses on scaling a new hospitality brand called Freewyld which he founded with his business partner, Jasper. 

The vision for Freewyld is to acquire 20-25 tiny home communities in beautiful natural areas across the US to help people reconnect to what matters. The first property was acquired in Idyllwild California. 



Eric Moeller’s:

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