Truths About God & Why We Suffer with Victoria Washington

In this power-packed episode, Victoria Washington and I are going down the rabbit hole to confront the tough, existential questions head-on. This is not for the faint-hearted. We’re tackling our deepest fears, pushing the boundaries of our comfort zones, and redefining our relationship with uncertainty. Life is a beautiful paradox, a harmonious symphony of joy and pain, and we’re on a quest to embrace it all. We’re talking about the raw, unvarnished truths about God and the reason behind our sufferings.

Let’s kill the notion of life being ‘easy’. The beauty of life lies in its complexity and unpredictability. We’ll explore how to navigate the sensation of ‘having it all’ and the downside of turning pain into purpose. We’re also busting the myth of ‘making an impact’ at the cost of yourself, because it’s okay to let God do the heavy lifting sometimes.

So buckle up and join us on this journey of discovery. Let’s challenge our perceived limitations, embrace uncertainty, and step into a new way of being in the world. 

We may not have all the answers, but we’re ready to ask the tough questions and explore what it truly means to welcome God into your life and business.

Victoria and I cover: 


  • Overcoming fear and feeling ALIVE
  • Changing your relationship to uncertainty & mystery
  • Falling in love with becoming unrecognizable
  • The role sensation plays in ‘having it all’
  • Letting go of the need for it to be ‘easy’
  • The duality of the beauty of life and the tragedy
  • The downside of ‘turning pain into purpose’
  • How to feel and let go of the pain that’s not ours
  • What stops our creativity and joy in life
  • Serving or ‘making an impact’ at the cost of yourself
  • Letting God change the world through us
  • Receiving the natural gifts God gives us
  • Releasing the ‘struggle loop’ of overachievement & accomplishment
  • Fearing ‘spaciousness’ as an entrepreneur
  • Lesson from tying my worth to business results
  • God vs ‘The Universe’
  • Breathwork & God
  • Exploring New Age beliefs
  • God embodied
  • God and free will
  • Religious Trauma
  • Changing our relationship to gratitude
  • Shifting the way we pray
  • Being vessels for God’s creativity
  • Perfectionism & God in Business


About Victoria Washington


Victoria Washington is the CEO of The House of WE® and VW Global. Since starting her business in 2017, she’s gone from filing bankruptcy as a yoga teacher to leading a multi-7 figure global brand that serves thousands of humans a year. All while playing with new edges of creativity and standing out as one of the most innovative entrepreneurs in the personal development industry. She’s a business wizard who moves at the speed of light and has been at the helm of many of the trends you see in the online space today. Beyond the coaching industry, she has a degree in Fashion Merchandising, Textile Design and Photography along with an extensive background in managing Corporate Yoga Studios in the busy city of Chicago. Her love for Art Direction + Entrepreneurship and turning brands into legendary movements is a rare speciality that she’s elated to share inside her CEO Program. 



Websites: https://thehouseofwe.com/ & https://iamvictoriawashington.com/ 

IG: https://www.instagram.com/iamvictoriawashington/ 

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