Stop Hustle Culture with Patrick Combs: There’s a Better Way to Live a Wealthy & Fulfilled Life

If you’re tired of the constant hustle and grind, always striving for more and never feeling fulfilled, then this episode is for you. Join us as we chat with Patrick Combs, a motivational speaker and author who went to prison for 6 months. He discovered some powerful lessons there that he’s ready to share.

Patrick shares his story and how he has learned to live a wealthy and fulfilled life without falling into the trap of hustle culture or always striving to be BIG. He also discusses the power of forgiveness, the benefits of giving, and the importance of connecting authentically with strangers. So if you’re ready to let go of society’s expectations and find your own path to happiness and abundance, press PLAY and get listening!

This isn’t your everyday podcast episode—it’s a bold look at a better way to live a wealthy and fulfilled life. Trust us, this is the one episode you can’t afford to miss!

In this episode, Patrick & I jam on:

  • Patrick’s prison story
  • Changing perspectives on prison
  • Healing power in prison
  • When forgiveness should begin
  • The selfish benefits of giving
  • Extending personal transformation beyond ourselves
  • Takeaways from A Course in Miracles
  • What I learned about money at 12 years old
  • A fresh take on living in gratitude
  • The doorways into presence
  • Connecting authentically with strangers
  • The research on what makes people happy
  • Wisdom for anyone who wants to be a speaker
  • The #1 way to reliably feel HAPPY (hint: it’s a type of somatic practice!)
  • The benefits of connecting with strangers
  • The beauty of character flaws
  • Soul vs Ego
  • The relationship between following your bliss & finances
  • Prioritizing energy over strategy
  • What “getting in the vibe of abundance” TRULY means
  • The social media lies of “bigness”
  • The unexpected $25,000 gift
  • How to share your stories well
  • The single biggest mistake that people make in storytelling
  • My 3 tattoos and their stories


About Patrick Combs


Patrick has shared his stories and strategies with millions of people around the globe for 25 years. He’s a top rated, widely known motivational speaker and thought leader on passion, possibility, and heart-based business.


He’s spoken for almost 2,000 organizations, and applied his talents everywhere from talks at Stanford and Hilton, performances at the HBO comedy festival, to helping build a school in Kenya and coaching prisoners at the Donovan Correctional Institute.


Patrick is known by many companies and organizations as “The best speaker we’ve ever had,” and by many theater-goers as a “Master storyteller” and a “Hilarious Performer.”


Today he is one of the only people in the world to have accomplished both a Hall of Fame speaking career and a comedic smash-hit, one man theater show (“Man 1, Bank 0”). Add to that that Patrick is a four time author with more than 150,000 copies of his books sold and you have a person who has overcome the odds and demonstrated what’s possible when you lead your life with heart, passion and purpose.



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