Redefining the “Midlife Crisis”: Sarah Milken Tells It All

Welcome to another raw, unfiltered episode where we’re about to dive headfirst into the midlife remix! Our guest, Sarah, is a fearless trailblazer who rebranded herself from a stay-at-home mom to a dynamic top 1% podcast personality, hosting the “Flexible Neurotic” – and all this after turning 45! 

In this explosive episode, we’re smashing taboos and talking about everything from the sexy side of menopause to breaking free from the shackles of people-pleasing. We’re redefining performance, exploring the energetics under metrics, and embracing the woo-woo in the second half of life. 

 Tune in as we navigate the complicated, yet rewarding journey of midlife transformations, learning experiences, and much more. Buckle up because this is one intense, eye-opening ride you don’t want to miss!

 Here is what you can expect from this episode with Sarah and I: 

  • Sarah’s severe case of the “Midlife Itchies”
  • Transitioning from being a stay-at-home mom to rebranding herself
  • Why she started her Flexible Neurotic podcast after age 45
  • Chats of vaginal estrogen & changes during menopause
  • Her transition from the first half of her life being performative to the second half being focused on how she feels
  • The importance of paying attention to the energetics underneath the metrics
  • Creating and curating your own midlife table of women who are like-vibed
  • How to break free from the conditioning of being a “people-pleaser”
  • Chats on libido and self-care during a midlife remix
  • Moving away from performance benchmarks and into the woo-woo energetic sh*t
  • Breathwork to introduce non-woo-woo people into the energetics
  • The benefits of hobbies (that have nothing to do with fitness, business, or productivity)
  • Reclaiming menopause as f*cking sexy
  • The value of getting information from different messengers that resonate with different energetic frequencies
  • What I personally look for in a mentor and teacher
  • The difference between “school learning” and real-life learning
  • How to use jealousy as a pathway of inspiration
  • Letting go of the hyper-focus on polarization
  • The midlife hamster wheel of sameness
  • The initiation and hardness that can come up through life transition (like engagement, children, midlife, etc.)
  • Sarah’s midlife initiation ceremony
  • How Sarah follows her intuition in business
  • The interesting friend and family dynamic that can happen as you change or share yourself publicly
  • And SO much more!


About Sarah Milken

Sarah Milken is the creator and host of the podcast, “The Flexible Neurotic.” This podcast has made it to the top 1% and is about Sarah and her female listeners recreating themselves in the second half of life, together. As a late-40-something year old woman, on this self-recreation journey herself, she is inspiring women to take small steps and feel the motivation towards self-reinvention. New to the podcast scene during covid, with a quickly growing podcast listener base, Sarah has amassed over 52,000 followers on Instagram and has created a dedicated and engaged community. Prior to beginning this podcast, Sarah received her PhD in Educational Psychology at the University of Southern California and taught in the graduate school of education at USC. Sarah has served on several philanthropic boards and a Los Angeles private school. After taking time off to raise her two children (now teens), she realized she needed to recreate herself and capitalize on all of her strengths, hence the Flexible Neurotic podcast was born.



Website: https://www.theflexibleneurotic.com/ 

IG: https://www.instagram.com/theflexibleneurotic/

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