From Near-Death to Spiritual Awakening with Andrew DeGregorio

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live through a near-death experience? In today’s episode, my dear friend Andrew DeGregorio shares what it was like for him and how it was the catalyst for his spiritual awakening. 

In our convo, we dispel the differences between personality and soul and dive deep into Andrew’s transformative experiences that led him toward a path of self-realization. We explore the importance of coping with emotions and using tools like meditation and EMDR therapy for healing. 

Andrew also talks about his new business venture focused on brain retraining and shares how he overcame the struggles he faced in his journey. I also open up about my experiences, the ups, and downs in running a business, and even discuss the importance of safety in self-expression.

Expect lots of laughter, stories from our personal encounters, and a dash of lighthearted banter in this episode of Can’t Be Contained!

Andrew and I cover: 

02:25 Discovering San Diego led to spiritual transition.

05:43 Discovering inner healing through self-reflection and therapy.

07:19 Presence, defense patterns, protection, overwhelm, asleep.

11:20 Humans confused, disconnected – source of suffering

12:48 Nuanced question, search for interconnected oneness.

17:35 Huge move, old ways to new ways.

22:15 Seeking for love, happiness, and self-worth within.

23:17 Humanity’s core trauma: separate, not good enough, constantly proving, seeking safety.

28:37 Soul guides me, find safety, seek guidance.

30:44 Relaxed system allows jokes, less offense.

35:36 Various experiences of God’s loving intelligence.

37:37 Transitioned from atheist to finding God within.

40:29 Amazing experience of souls from different dimensions.

44:59 Friend makes big decision; express love.

47:00 Continuous work with compassion, occasional frustration expressed.

50:01 Feeling, responsibility, projection, reflection, integration, growth

53:01 Consistent growth, financial success, new business.

57:46 New business in San Diego is my baby.

So without any further ado, press play and jump right in!

About Andrew DeGregorio

Andrew DeGregorio is an Energetic Mentor, Author, Business Coach, and Author of The Knock: An Unexpected Wake-Up Call. After a near-death experience, he found himself on a path of self-actualization and service. What started as a journey to get well turned into an unexpected spiritual Awakening and a continuous deepening into extraordinary territory that challenged the “norms” of his everyday reality. Waking up in a world where insanity is accepted and pain is the standard, no longer felt like the way things had to be. A search for a new way of being ensued. What emerged was the discovery of an already present, intelligent operating system that became an unstoppable force of loving guidance. This guidance offered “breadcrumbs from the universe” which consistently led to expansive experiences and a deepening sense of well-being. It lovingly guided him through an ongoing integration process of mind, body, and Soul, naturally unfolding through the intelligent wisdom of the universe. He is a true wizard who has supported hundreds through this same process. He currently guides entrepreneurs, coaches, and impact-driven individuals to weave Soul through business, relationships, and life.





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