Aligned Living: How to Raise Your Vibration Through Breathwork

 In this episode of “Can’t be Contained,” I deliver a powerful solo session on the transformative and healing power of breathwork to raise your vaibration. I dive deep into the importance of connecting with our life force and tapping into our God-given energy, becaus when we can shift from a horizontal to a vertical approach in life, everything changes.

In this episode, I’ll guide you through a powerful Tri-Active breath exercise, demonstrating how intentional breathing can help us move beyond the limitations of our minds and access our infinite potential. From here, it’s easier to listen to your higher guidance and live an aligned life.

You’ll walk away with an easy way to prioritize breathwork in your daily routine as a means to unlock your true power and live a more fulfilled life. Because remember, we are the universe embodied, and by embracing breathwork, we can release the addiction to suffering and share the gift of our true selves with the world.

This episode is a bold invitation to explore the life-changing practice of breathwork and harness the boundless energy within you. Are you ready to transform? Press play to become uncontained!


Show Notes

00:00 Connecting to source through breath empowers us.
06:28 Embrace breath for true self-realization and alignment.
11:02 Consciousness must guide, not just survive.
14:39 Embrace energy and intelligence for optimal living.
15:57 Embrace breathwork for clarity and connection.
19:35 Choose breath over suffering, share its power.


About the host, Samantha Skelly

Samantha Skelly is a breathwork pioneer, serial entrepreneur, and #1 Best Selling Author who has spent the last decade revolutionizing the personal and spiritual development industries. She founded one of the largest breathwork companies worldwide. Pause Breathwork has a mission to help 1,000,000 people worldwide tap into their infinite potential using breathwork. It has grown into a multi-million dollar wellness company that has certified nearly 1,500 people in 27 countries, and thousands more use the Pause Breathwork Mobile App every day. She’s also a passionate speaker who has shared her message on over 400 stages, appearing on networks and in publications worldwide.

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