Healing Body Dysmorphia: Transforming Body Hatred into Body Love

In this episode of “Can’t be Contained,” I dive deeeeep into into my personal journey from body hatred to body love. I share my experiences with body image and disordered eating, and how I found me way back to a place of acceptance, embodiment, and harmony with my body. 

I’ll break down the three steps I took to transition from hating her body to loving it, and highlight the importance of somatic healing and somatic coaching in this process. 

If you’re looking to heal your relationship with your body and empower others to do the same, this episode offers insights into the transformative power of somatic healing in this thought-provoking episode!

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Episode Show Notes:

00:00 Disordered eating and travel define young adulthood.

03:42 Overcoming body dysmorphia and unhealthy habits.

06:35 Podcast focused on body and emotional wellness.

12:40 Love yourself, eat healthy, be fit.

15:23 Somatic healing, acceptance, and enjoying food guilt-free.

16:56 Somatic coaching certification: healing through body connection.


About the host, Samantha Skelly

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