Communication Keys and Processing Emotional Baggage in Relationships With Samm Murphy

In today’s episode of Can’t Be Contained, we’re joined by the insightful Samm Murphy —  a highly sought-after transformation and relationship coach who is regularly featured on places such as FOX, CBS & NBC.

We dive into why saying “he should just know” might be setting our relationships up for failure, and how better communication is the key to success.

We’ll chat about the unique ways men and women handle emotions, the importance of conscious friendships, and making intentional efforts to nurture our connections. Samm shares her personal revelations on friendship, trust, and the work required to keep love thriving.

Join us as we tackle the big questions of relationship education, the myth of the self-sufficient relationship, and the light-hearted side of our daily struggles. It’s an episode packed with wisdom, laughter, and real talk.

Samm Murphy and I cover: 

00:00 Seeking validation through relationships to feel worthy.

06:10 Engagement, challenges, and growth in relationships.

07:08 The importance of healthy relationships and role models

11:24 Prioritize unity to overcome relationship disconnection.

13:23 Negotiating compromises and deeper frustrations in relationships.

17:21 Communication is key to avoiding misunderstanding.

19:55 Seek control in safety, growth, learning, intensity.

24:46 Frustration, wounding and the healing process.

27:29 Understanding and sharing love in relationships.

32:07 Assuming positive intent, managing triggers for growth.

32:48 Shift dynamic by being less reactive, giving love.

38:05 Communication challenges lead to misunderstandings and assumptions.

40:15 Seek support before it’s too late.

42:53 Couples seek hope and clarity in counseling.

46:51 Validate self, not dependent on external approval.

49:24 Coping mechanisms shifted over the years subtly.

52:33 Many people lack awareness and struggle to release.

55:08 Overcoming past experiences to embrace female support.

58:53 Hunter connects, open to hangout, support.

So grab your headphones, and let’s talk about what it means to truly communicate and connect on “Can’t Be Contained.”

About Samm Murphy

As a highly sought-after transformation and relationship coach she takes leaders, entrepreneurs, celebrities, couples and ambitious individuals like you to the next level of connection, fulfillment and joy! Her work is more than just coaching, it’s a highly transformative experience, enabling you to shift the way you view yourself, others and the way you interact with the world and one another. It’s powerful work, support, expert strategy and accountability that change the trajectory of your life forever. She is here to elevate you, and help you create lasting success and happiness, in all areas of your life, from the inside out. She is a regularly featured mindset & transformation expert in media. You can see her places such as FOX, CBS & NBC.

Samm’s has taken years of personal experience, insight and the pain along the journey and combined it with her obsession to optimize human potential and the human experience. She learned through her personal journey what was effective and what wasn’t for providing lasting change and repairing connection. As a result, she utilizes the most powerful combination of the tools available to help you achieve your goals in the least amount of time possible.

Her passion for relationships and connection emerged from an obsession of when something doesn’t work-why. So she dove deep into the mysteries of relationships and what she discovered is there is a roadmap to success in relationships, it just often wasn’t taught to us. She aims to demystify and uncomplicate what it takes to have thriving healthy relationships because when we feel secure and connected in our most intimate relationships it impacts who we are and how we show up in the world. It can drastically change the quality of our lives and those we interact with. And relationships that are conscious and positive are also an amazing vehicle to help us heal, grow and awaken! We can have it all, we just need to see the path and she’s here to help show you! 



Websites: https://sammhunter.com/  

IG: https://www.instagram.com/sammanthahunter/ 




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