Shoebox Moses Origins: Sammy Taggett’s Journey from Abandonment to DJ Stardom

In today’s episode, I sit down with the incredible Sammy Taggett, also known by his DJ name — Shoebox Moses.

From the tender roots of his origin story – a newborn abandoned in a shoebox in the Philippines – to the quest for self-discovery during a pilgrimage back to his homeland, Sammy’s journey is a testament to resilience and empowerment.

Together, we unpack the emotional weight of tracing his past to that very orphanage where his life took an unexpected turn, revealing not just the emotional landscape he navigated but also his growth into the figure known to many as “shoebox Moses.”

As Sammy reflects on his past and present, including his evolution from an eager clubgoer to a sensational DJ, we uncover the key moments that shaped his career and the life-altering power of gratitude and self-reflection in overcoming obstacles.

Get ready to be moved and motivated as Sammy shares insights on using every challenge as fuel, finding strength in each stumbling block, and the profound impact of gratitude. We delve into personal stories, the enlightening concept of reverse anchoring, and the importance of letting go and trusting the process in the tapestry of life.

Moreover, Sammy and I explore the transformational power of breathwork – unlocking the potential for success and fulfillment – while challenging the prevailing myths around the hard work required for success.

Tune in to our heartfelt discussion on energy, mentorship, personal development, and the invaluable lessons hidden within every adversity.

So take a deep breath, let go of your expectations, and join us for an episode that might just change the way you think about your own journey – here on “Can’t be Contained.!

Show Notes:

00:00 Entertainer known as shoebox Moses, also Sammy.
05:10 Shoebox discovery leads to iconic DJ locations.
08:39 New dad reflects on raising his son.
10:19 Seeking biological parents to serve and connect.
16:08 Life offers choices, focus on the positive.
19:48 First time seeing a DJ, mesmerized.
21:51 Quick rise to success through impactful performances.
24:15 Finding strength in past challenges for growth.
29:12 Build team, delegate, focus on strengths.
32:24 Get a mentor and be prepared mentally.
34:58 Partnering helps achieve specific life goals effectively.
38:10 Breath work brings divine experience and presence.
40:57 Activate internal energy, attract wealth, live fulfilled.
43:29 Vision leads to excitement and collaboration.

About Sammy Taggett aka. Shoebox Moses

Shoebox Moses, (Sammy Taggett) has a passion for creating an unforgettable vibe. Recognized by FORBES as an international DJ, Shoebox Moses has created electric atmospheres with audiences in renowned venues such as Red Rocks Amphitheater and Beta, Rolling Stones’ #1 ranked nightclub.

He has performed with Kaskade and headlined festivals with Skrillex, Empire of the Sun, Above and Beyond, Kid Cudi, Major Lazer, Snoop Dog, and Avicii.

As a headline entertainer for elite entrepreneurial conferences and festivals such as MindVelly’s A-Fest, Shoebox Moses has performed for the worlds most powerful leaders. He has also played on tour with changemakers such as best selling author Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup of the Soul) and is one of the few DJs to play at Necker Island, home of Virgin Group’s founder, Sir Richard Branson.

Thrown away in a shoebox at birth and then adopted from a Philippines orphanage in Quezon City, Shoebox Moses created his nonprofit The Foundlings to bring educational and creative learning platforms to orphans in the Philippines. It is his goal to support orphaned youth with the long term outcomes of meaningful lives and economic self-sufficiency.

Shoebox Moses is the CEO of Evolved Podcasting where he aims to make this world a better place for all of us – one (and exceptionally sounding) podcast at a time.


Website: https://www.shoeboxmoses.com/ 

IG: https://www.instagram.com/shoeboxmoses/ 



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