Beyond Traditional Yoga: Brett Larkin on Breathwork, Birthing, and Being Your Own Body Detective

Welcome back to “Can’t Be Contained”, where today, I sit down with Brett Larkin, yoga teacher trainer and author of “Yoga Life: Habits, Poses and Breathwork to Channel Joy Amongst the Chaos”.

In this episode, Brett and I have a transparent and heartfelt conversation covering childbirth, loss, and the delicate ecosystem of control and intimacy in relationships. Together we unpack how reshaping her yoga routine into short yet immensely powerful practices kept her afloat through the above as well as the countless other challenges life has a way of providing.

Throughout our wide-ranging discussion, we explore Brett’s philosophy of self-sourcing, listening inwards, and letting intuition guide one’s own yoga journey, offering listeners a fresh perspective: your yoga routine can and should be unique to you!

If you’ve ever thought of yoga as being too intimidating, or that you just don’t have enough time in your busy schedule, listen up! This episode is for you. Brett is here to inspire, and shatter the notion of yoga as being “one-size-fits-all”.

So grab your headphones and your mat, and get ready to breathe, stretch, and let go.

Show Notes:

00:00 Decision made to have home birth with midwife.
03:27 Kundalini yoga promotes resilience and mental fortitude.
09:00 Fascinated by birthing, feels like past life.
09:42 Empowerment and self-care in the birthing process.
15:12 Achieving balance through yoga practice.
18:46 Combining hatha yoga poses with calisthenics and beyond.
21:17 Group fitness uniformity ignores individual anatomy and needs.
26:22 Business flourishing, personal yoga practice challenges persist.
29:03 Empower yourself with the integrated yoga principles.
31:56 Diverse morning routine, emphasizing gratitude and intuition.
33:45 Recognize and counteract dominant traits for personal growth.
39:56 Debated definitions, emphasis on self-care and awareness.
43:19 Surrender control, focus on self, trust fate.
45:40 Gratitude led to relinquishing control.
47:15 Uncertainty creates stress, yoga aids nervous system.
51:57 Releasing control to express genuine desires openly.
53:56 Yoga graduates seeking breath work certifications.
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About Brett Larkin:

Brett Larkin attracts a devoted global following as a yoga teacher trainer, healer and breakthrough entrepreneur. To help more people tap into the limitless power of yoga, Brett created the world’s first yoga certification program online, running it live, interactive and in real time. After launching her award-winning YouTube yoga channel and her Uplifted Online Yoga Teacher Trainings, within three years Brett was running a multimillion-dollar business. Brett’s been featured on TV, in podcasts, and in media outlets like Gaia, Well+Good, Greatist, Forbes, Entrepreneur.com, and POPSUGAR. Join her nurturing and fun online courses, communities and certification programs at brettlarkin.com



Website: https://www.brettlarkin.com 

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