Harnessing the Einstein Brain With John Assaraf: Bring on Abundance and Overcome Limiting Beliefs


Welcome back to a truly brain-bending episode of Can’t Be Contained! Today, I’m chatting with the brilliant John Assaraf, author, entrepreneur, and neuroscience researcher.

In this episode, John and I have a truly enlightening discussion on an ever-so-extensive topic: the human brain! John shares his remarkable insight on the true potential of the brain, and how it can transcend any and all mental barriers.

Throughout our discussion, we explore what John calls, “harnessing the Einstein brain”, transforming limiting beliefs into action, the human brain in the age of artificial intelligence, and John’s unique perspective on money. It’s abundant and there for the taking!

If you’ve ever felt your own brain is getting in the way of you achieving your goals, then tune in now! John’s groundbreaking insights will transform the way you think about personal development.

So brace yourself—–this is going to be a truly mind-expanding ride…

Show Notes:

00:00 Opportunities for wealth, health, and knowledge available.
06:24 Limiting beliefs develop through environmental influences and repetition.
15:09 Overcoming negative thoughts and embracing positive outlook.
16:09 Automatic protective mechanism triggers fight, flight, freeze response.
26:07 Engage occipital lobe, shape new beliefs, behaviors.
28:51 Law of secondary gain: Comfort in not changing.
36:54 Human history proves strength and potential within.
38:18 Tribes exchanged goods, leading to money’s origin.
44:12 Commitment leads to action with emotional engagement.
52:46 Plan for high impact activities, values, daily goals.
59:04 No excuses, divorce from limiting beliefs & fears.
01:01:37 Seeking extraordinary life through daily commitment.

About John Assaraf: 

John AssarafThe Brain Whisperer” is one of the leading high performance, success coaches in the world. He is a behavioral neuroscience researcher who has appeared numerous times on Larry King live, Anderson Cooper and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. As CEO and co-founder, he grew Re/Max of Indiana from a startup to 85 offices and 1200 sales associates who sold over $4 Billion a year. John was also one of the founders of Bamboo/IPIX that went public on NASDAQ with a market cap of $2.5 Billion.

John has written 4 books including 2 New York Times best sellers that have been translated to 35 languages. He is the creator of the “Innercise” movement and has been featured in 11 movies, including the blockbuster hit “The Secret” and “Quest For Success” with Richard Branson and the Dalai Lama.

He lives in San Diego with his wife and 2 sons. In addition to being a vegan, meditator, an avid skier, and ocean lover, he loves traveling the world and making some of the tastiest hot sauces using some of the hottest peppers on the planet.

Today, he is CEO of MyNeuroGym.com, a neuroscience based company, dedicated to helping individuals strengthen their mindset, so they achieve their goals and dreams… faster and easier than ever before.



Website: https://www.johnassaraf.com/

IG: https://www.instagram.com/johnassaraf/





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