Turning ADHD Into a Superpower! Harnessing Hyperfocus for Creativity, Resilience, and Intuition


Welcome back to Can’t Be Contained! In this week’s episode, I’m beyond stoked to share with you how I turned my once debilitating symptoms of ADHD into my own personal superpower! From my early realization that I couldn’t learn within the framework of the typical school system, to my ultimate ADHD diagnosis as an adult, follow me as I lay out the steps I took to harnessing ADHD and taking control!

I’ll dive into management practices like breathwork, microdosing mushrooms (emphasis on micro!), systemizing your life, and more!

Additionally, I’ll explore how ADHD can in fact be beneficial—–there’s a reason many entrepreneurs seem to have it, and how one can work with their ADHD to foster creativity, mental clarity, empathy and more!

Together, we’ll embark into the fascinating realm that is ADHD, and learn that it doesn’t have to be limiting. With the right mindset, you can break free of any and all limits—–and live life uncontained.

Can’t wait for you guys to hear this one.

Show Notes:

00:00 Sharing story on ADHD, finding strengths and purpose.
06:02 Accepting ADHD, caution against labeling and conforming.
07:52 ADHD experience, energy management, focus enhancement exploration.
10:13 Conscious breathing relaxes ADHD-related hyper vigilance.
14:12 Groundedness in body, omega threes, zinc.
19:06 Systems in place alleviate stress and overwhelm.
20:05 Embrace ADHD superpower, unleash creativity, simplify life.
24:54 ADHD helps entrepreneurs be more resilient.
26:38 Practicing presence





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