Healing Through Art: How to Channel Pain Into Creative Expression


Welcome back to another episode of Can’t Be Contained, where today I’m talking pain. More specifically, how to channel your pain into artistic expression. I’ll share my experiences with transmuting my own pain into art—-and how it ultimately leads to healing and growth.

In this episode, not only will I give practical suggestions for just how to channel pain into art—whether it be poetry, music, visual art, or somatic movement—-I explore exactly what the process looks like. Art is a means of healing, but it should be driven by personal intention, not external validation.

Come along with me, and we’ll embrace our innate creativity together. Adversity is no doubt challenging, but we all contain the power to transform difficult situations into a potent source of emotional expression. Allow yourself to feel—deeply and authentically—-and CREATE.
So if you find yourself wondering how to navigate life’s challenges—-let go, and allow them to be your fuel. Something great is just around the corner.

Show Notes:

00:00 Created app for breathwork from personal pain.
03:17 Art as a coping mechanism for pain.
08:07 Driving from Vancouver to parents’ house, coaching call about taking responsibility.
12:25 Art from pain is authentic and felt by others.
13:43 Encouraging genuine, empathetic sharing on social media.
17:58 Accelerate healing by embracing pain through art and mindfulness without slipping into suffering.
20:21 Overcoming challenges through feeling and art.





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