Tiffany Hurd on Holistic Healing and Self-Discovery Through Herbal Medicine


Welcome back to Can’t Be Contained, where this week I’m sitting down with the incredible Tiffany Hurd, an entrepreneur and microdosing and plant medicine mentor.

In today’s episode, Tiffany and I have an inspirational conversation covering the magic of plant medicine, one’s intuition, microdosing, and the importance of self-love in the act of healing. Together, Tiffany and I unravel the profound relationship between the soul and the human body, and the fulfillment that’s found in connection—-whether to yourself or other people.

Throughout our electrifying discussion, we unpack Tiffany’s shift from corporate unfulfillment to personal contentment through the powerful force that is herbal medicine. Though the modern day medical system is quick to prescribe a pill, Tiffany insists that oftentimes, it doesn’t offer the fix we’re conditioned to think it does.

If, like many, you’re skeptical about the efficacy of plant medicine, then I urge you to open your heart and listen with an open mind. Tiffany just may be your key to unlocking a deeper connection within yourself—-and to the world around you.

So “plant” yourself down, put your headphones on, and listen to a very special episode of “Can’t Be Contained”.

Show Notes:

00:00 Deep connections and collaborations bring fulfilling joy.
05:36 Using psilocybin, microdosing, career change, medication, therapy.
07:21 Unexpected spiritual experience leads to career change.
10:40 Struggled with purpose, intimate relationships, unworthiness.
13:06 Society promotes medication over holistic health options.
15:54 Guiding individualized microdosing journeys for medicinal benefits.
19:21 Microdosing brought awareness and understanding of life.
24:29 Microdosing benefits individuals struggling with stress, depression.
25:16 Leaders utilize microdosing to connect and create.
30:47 Thoroughly research before exploring medicine use.
31:45 Embracing self-consent for better decision-making.
37:02 Reflecting on past relationships and personal growth.
39:20 Advocacy for self-love and microdosing benefits.
41:25 Grateful and tough, but so good. Amazing.



About Tiffany Hurd:

Tiffany Hurd is a microdosing and plant medicine Mentor who teaches the use of psychedelics within an intentional framework as a supportive and expansive offering for humanity’s healing, personal growth, and evolution. Her goal is to have a powerful impact on normalizing psychedelics and plant medicines by teaching people how to optimize their overall wellbeing by effectively and intentionally working with them through ethical accessibility in a safe and sovereign way. 



Website: https://tiffanyhurd.com/ 

IG: https://www.instagram.com/iamtiffanyhurd/ 






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