Alyse Parker: Energetic Alchemy, Digital Detoxification, and Connecting with Your True Self


Welcome back to another episode of Can’t Be Contained! This week, I’m talking to Alyse Parker, public figure, life coach, and leader of her own transformational Hawaiian retreats.

In this episode, Alyse brings with her a truly magnetic energy, as we sit down for a raw, out-of-the-box discussion exploring timely subjects such as the heavy impact social media can have on mental health, and what it means to get in touch with one’s own authentic self. With a mix of humor and vulnerability, Alyse will share her own personal growth journey and explain her process for cultivating her own spaces of authenticity.

Alyse details her journey from switching from a raw vegan to a carnivorous diet, and how even though it brought about intense public scrutiny, she still managed to turn that decision into a period of self-reinvention. She graciously shares with me the lesson in such an experience: the qualities we project unto the world can fundamentally alter our experience within it.

So settle in and get ready to be let into Alyse’s world of wisdom and insight. It’s time to let go of all that isn’t you. Life’s a puzzle—-but each of us brings to the table a unique piece.

Show Notes:

00:00 Took CBD, unexpectedly got really high.
06:39 Shift from veganism, internet backlash.
15:14 Challenging experiences led to greater self-expression.
17:21 Struggling with self-expression, feeling trapped, then liberated.
25:18 Took a break from social media for clarity.
30:43 Unpaid app users are the product, wasted life force.
37:10 Balancing powerful energy and learning patience.
38:56 Deep reflection on humanity’s potential and connection.
44:31 Old ways of expression lost in noise.
49:58 Seeking diverse conversations and ideas for awakening.
53:40 Struggling to fit in, embracing self-acceptance.
01:04:14 Meditation retreat deepens awareness and ego dissolution.
01:05:50 EMDr therapy.


About Alyse Parker:
Alyse Parker is a public figure, life coach, and change maker who is leading the way towards a brighter future for all of us. From documenting her personal growth journey on Youtube and hosting transformational retreats in Hawaii for the past 8 years, Alyse has helped millions of people around the world cut ties from their past conditioning and consciously create their reality from a state of ease, clarity, and regulation.



Website: https://alyseparker.com
IG: https://www.instagram.com/alyse/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@AlyseParker
Retreats: https://alyseparker.com/hawaii-retreat





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