Embracing Emotional Intelligence and Personal Development in Business with Conversion Rate Expert Matthew Barnes


Hello and welcome to another episode of Can’t Be Contained! This week, conversion rate expert Matthew Barnes and I get loose and enjoy a mimosa during our vulnerable and wide-ranging discussion.

Matthew shares how he balances his love for local philanthropy with working in the profit-driven world of high-grossing e-commerce clients. He transparently dives into his complex relationship with fear, how he maintains creativity in a professional setting, and his incredibly unique synesthetic view of the world.
We touch on every topic under the sun during our discussion, from the potential of artificial intelligence, the ego-driven nature of entrepreneurship, and the concept of triggering neuroplastic changes in one’s own brain.

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the ever-expanding commodification of what seems like everything and everyone, then worry no more. Matthew is living proof that passion and business do not have to be mutually exclusive.

Show Notes:

00:00 Realizing personalities are facets of one’s own.
03:56 Fascinated by your unique perception of the world.
09:12 Becoming entrepreneur due to aversion to authority.
11:36 Transitioned from two businesses, now self-aware.
14:20 Struggling with teaching kids and life priorities.
17:58 Discussing personal development and growth in entrepreneurship.
19:42 Avoiding investment to support philanthropic endeavors.
25:48 Desire for acceptance led to insecurity and perfectionism.
27:33 Feeling kinship, seeking creative outlet in college.
31:53 High school swim team did secret meditation.
35:02 Neuroplasticity shapes our brain through focused reinforcement.
38:55 Training near mental limit is safe, transformative.
39:48 Overcoming physical and psychological challenges through jumping.
43:17 Skiing accident prompts reevaluation of risk perception.
47:44 Embrace failure and move on to succeed.
51:31 Humans thriving enables spiritual gifts to flourish.


About Matthew Barnes
Matthew is a conversion rate optimization and analytics guru specializing in scaling small to medium-sized businesses to their next level. With more than 10 years of e-commerce experience, he has built and led multidisciplinary teams to 10s of millions of dollars in conversion wins for some of the largest online retailers in the country. Matthew is also a huge local food advocate, avid rock climber, practitioner of parkour, and has just started fencing!



Website: https://proteusdigitallab.com/
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mattjbarnes/




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