Can’t Be Contained Q & A: Mindfulness, Marriage, and Morning Routines


Welcome to a very special “stripped down” episode of Can’t Be Contained! This week I get into my pajamas, pour myself a cup of tea, and sit down to give listeners a raw and unfiltered update on my life—–as well as answering YOUR questions!

In this back-to-basics episode, I’ll provide an update on the challenges of the past few months, and what brought me through to the other side—-with life lessons in tow of course. This isn’t “The Adversity Episode” however, and with the challenges of an entrepreneurial life there is always pleasure to be found. I’ll dive into where I stand with my latest book, and give details on Wide Awake, the stage show I’m currently producing!

In the midst of all the life updates, I’ll answer listener-provided questions, touching on the realities of planning a wedding with your partner, my personal morning routine, and the constant tension between creative output and the creatives’ worst enemy——time.

So get comfy with me! Make a cup of tea, put some headphones on, and let’s travel back to the roots of the podcast. We’re disrupters at heart here—–and we can’t be contained.

Show Notes:

00:00 Coaches, embrace body-based healing for success.
04:25 Morning anxiety led to valuable life lessons.
09:23 Facing challenges, commitment, and sweet rewards.
11:52 Clear stagnation, energize, meditate, move, cold plunge.
13:20 Acknowledge the good before tackling problems.
17:47 Team bonding, excitement, and gratitude for success.
21:15 Struggling to reach full creative potential, feeling frustrated.
23:20 Uncertainty and insecurity in choosing personal path.
28:12 Prioritize self-care to manage life’s chaos.
31:42 Enjoy meals, spend time without distractions.
33:23 Grateful for stripped-down episode, ask Q&A.


About the host, Samantha Skelly

Samantha Skelly is a breathwork pioneer, serial entrepreneur, and #1 Best Selling Author who has spent the last decade revolutionizing the personal and spiritual development industries. She founded one of the largest breathwork companies worldwide. Pause Breathwork has a mission to help 1,000,000 people worldwide tap into their infinite potential using breathwork. It has grown into a multi-million dollar wellness company that has certified nearly 1,500 people in 27 countries, and thousands more use the Pause Breathwork Mobile App every day. She’s also a passionate speaker who has shared her message on over 400 stages, appearing on networks and in publications worldwide.







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