Personal Development Through The Lens of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey


Hello, and welcome back to Can’t Be Contained! This week, I’m kicking it solo and talking about Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey.

But Samantha—-I thought the Hero’s Journey only applied to fictional stories? Well guess what friends? The hero’s journey actually provides an invaluable lens through which to view the stages of our own personal development. In this episode, I’ll meticulously dissect every stage of the hero’s journey, and tell you just how to identify what stage applies to your current situation.

Of course, I’ll provide personal stories detailing just how I apply this framework to my own life. From the overwhelming uncertainty that comes with embarking on a voyage of self-discovery to the power felt when you “cross the threshold” and achieve what previously seemed insurmountable—-embracing my own heroic journey has led to profound change.

During my dissection of the hero’s journey, I’ll dive into its cyclical nature, the important role of momentum in one’s endeavors, and confronting self-doubt.

If any of this sounds like a “call to action” then I encourage you to listen! There’s a hero in all of us—–and a journey on which they’re just waiting to embark.

Show Notes:

00:00 Exploring hero’s journey and somatic transformation.
04:35 Embracing somatic work to transform my life.
09:13 Embracing transformation, self-reflection, and leaving distractions.
12:55 Experiencing pivotal inner shifts and transformations. Emotional up level, turmoil, insight.
16:29 Inner changes from hero’s journey empower and help.
20:28 Rate, review, share, and spread gratitude.
21:00 Grateful for everyone making a difference. Goodbye.


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