Fitness Reimagined: BODi Founder Carl Daikeler on Mission-Driven Health and Wellness


Welcome back to Can’t Be Contained! This week, I’m chatting with Carl Daikeler, an entrepreneur and founder of the global fitness brand, BODi.

In today’s episode, Carl brings with him a profound mix of insight combined with actionable wisdom as he details his entrepreneurial journey starting at the age of 40. What started as a simple desire to get in better shape, led to a decades long voyage through the era of fitness DVD’s to the digital age.

Carl and I unpack his unwavering vision and determination, and just how it’s necessary for anyone entering the entrepreneurial space. He shares what principles have guided him throughout his own entrepreneurial journey, emphasizes the importance of company culture, and together, we dissect the role of influencers in motivating healthy habits. To top it all off, Carl divulges his top 3 secrets to transforming ANY brand into a BILLION DOLLAR BRAND!

So if you have a passion for health and fitness — or any desire for that matter that you wish to transform into action — then listen in. It’s time to elevate the body AND the mind.

Show Notes:

00:00 Pursuing fulfilling life and serving acute problem.
03:28 No leading brand in health and wellness.
08:09 Importance of knowing and reinforcing purpose in entrepreneurship.
12:09 Gratitude, proactive mindset, and focus are key.
14:11 Leadership requires unity in challenging times.
16:35 Programs offer achievable fitness goals for everyone.
21:15 Physicality impacts emotion, spirituality, and relationships profoundly.
25:56 Influencing wellness = deserving share of revenue.
28:15 Inspiration from biographies in facing challenges.
32:18 New product idea spawned from fitness plateau.
36:20 Recruit for affinity, customer focus, and alignment.
38:24 Choosing health, navigating decisions, creating enthusiasm.
42:22 20-minute workout feels like an hour.
44:21 Showing satisfaction or approval with enthusiasm.



About Carl Daikeler

A sought-after direct marketing executive early in his career, Carl shifted his focus entirely to fitness and weight loss creating the surprise breakout hit, “:08 Minute Abs”, and recognizing the enormity of the in-home fitness content opportunity. Under his leadership, Beachbody was the first to forecast a future where the home would become the dominant and legitimate fitness and nutrition hub. With some of the most consistent success using direct marketing to acquire customers, and the earliest of social-media influencer networks, Carl uses an empirical approach to develop product, test, learn, revise and rollout. From inception Carl was focused on ensuring that Beachbody offered the total solution to healthy weight loss and fitness by incorporating meal planning, appropriate supplementation, and community.

Leveraging his extensive product marketing and direct response experience, Carl has led the creation of the most comprehensive catalogs of compelling fitness and nutrition content in the industry, with over 1,400 unique streaming videos from world-renowned experts. The Beachbody model integrates supplements – such as the Shakeology® line of superfood protein supplements— and a peer-support system of Team Beachbody Coaches.

Carl also runs the Beachbody Foundation which has contributed over 10 million dollars to various organizations including International Justice Mission, Hope Of The Valley, NAACP, The Lakota Tribe, Upward Bound House, Go Campaign, and Save-A-Warrior (SAW), among others.

Driven by his background in theater, in his spare time Carl is an active producer of multiple Broadway productions, winning two Tony Awards for Hadestown and the revival of Once On This Island. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two children.



► Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/daikeler-carl/


►Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CarlDaikelerCEO

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