She’s been called a ‘lightning bolt for the soul’ that will move an audience to tears both through laughter & storytelling…

Give your audience more than they asked for…

don’t want information,
they want transformation.

Hey, I’m Sam!

For the last 6 years, I’ve been the most booked breathwork speaker worldwide – my speaking events are different, I’m not hired to teach, I am hired to transform…

I will partner with you to create a personalised, powerful & potent talk that your audience will reference for years to come… Not only will they leave with tangible takeaways to implement, they will become a different version of themselves – guaranteed.


1) Energetics & Empathy - The Leadership Equation

2) You Are The Drug - Unlocking Your Infinite Potential

3) Breathwork: The Secret Science To Performance & Fulfilment

Keynotes can also be catered to the goals of your event.

"She's the real deal. She really holds you with so much love and also holds you to a standard that she sees in you."

- Stevie Wright

" I have so much gratitude for the little fire cracker that is Samantha Skelly and her amazing team... I've healed past traumas, let go of limiting beliefs, formed the best friendships and established a new career. The vibe is high, the support unwavering and the knowledge and skills demonstrated by the mentors mind blowing. "

- Caroline Gibson

Oh, working with Samantha, I can't even describe it. Like she is such a powerful force that you just got to have to be there to really know it. Like she has such an online presence, but in person that's like amplified a thousand times more. Like it's so, she's so, so authentic and so loving.

- Rose Mukherji


“It's so much fun. I'm learning so many things about energy, about breath, about growing, about healing... So grateful for Samantha and her team.”

- Nancy Dawdy

“I don't think I've ever come in contact with a leader, a woman that is such an embodiment of love, pure spirit, and essence that allows me to feel so seen in a way that I've never felt.”

- Tori Pental