She’s been called a ‘lightning bolt for the soul’ that will move an audience to tears both through laughter & storytelling…

Give your audience more than they asked for…

don’t want information,
they want transformation.

Hey, I’m Sam!

For the last 6 years, I’ve been the most booked breathwork speaker worldwide – my speaking events are different, I’m not hired to teach, I am hired to transform…

I will partner with you to create a personalised, powerful & potent talk that your audience will reference for years to come… Not only will they leave with tangible takeaways to implement, they will become a different version of themselves – guaranteed.


1) Energetics & Empathy - The Leadership Equation

2) You Are The Drug - Unlocking Your Infinite Potential

3) Breathwork: The Secret Science To Performance & Fulfilment

Keynotes can also be catered to the goals of your event.