Natalie MacNeil on the Future of AI, Sexual Healing & What Matters Now

Welcome to another uncensored episode of Can’t Be Contained where we dip our toes into the profound future of artificial intelligence (AI) and its intertwined relationship with our lives. This isn’t your typical tech talk. We’re wading through uncharted territories, delving into topics that force us to question the status quo and the awakening of humanity. 

We challenge the future of work, scrutinizing education systems, and exploring the intriguing intersection of AI and emotional intelligence. 

And that’s not all. We look to the balance of nature in shaping sustainable business models, the transformative potential of confronting our ‘shadows’, and the healing power that lies in sharing our darkest shame with safe people. Natalie also dives into her views on sexual healing and wholeness as a society.

So buckle up. This episode is going to shatter everything you fear about AI, accelerated technology, and personal growth. You’ve been warned.

Here is what you can expect from this episode with Natalie and I: 

  • Processing the trauma from COVID
  • Extracting the benefits from crunchy times
  • Natalie’s vision for the future of technology
  • How we deal with the acceleration of technology
  • How emotional development & nervous system regulation play a role in preparing for what’s coming
  • Natalie’s perspective on how AI will disrupt work life and break systems that aren’t working
  • How AI may be able to create more equitable circumstances for humans
  • My insights from my mushroom journey on consciousness & technology evolution
  • Why destruction is needed for positive change
  • Accelerated awakening on the planet
  • How AI can break the education system
  • An exploration of new ways for early childhood education
  • What is our contribution to the world when AI is more intelligent?
  • Is AI emotionally intelligent?
  • How to co-create a positive future with AI
  • AI Rights
  • Boundaries around social media and using it as a tool
  • Why somatic work and embodiment is important in the age of AI
  • Learning through nature on how to run a sustainable, regenerative business
  • How to receive information on “what’s next” in your work or business
  • Speaking to the soul of a business or project
  • Parts work and the ‘shadow’
  • How to feel free and whole
  • Natalie’s experience of a Tantric BDSM Intensive (and what she learned)
  • Judgments being portals to growth and expansion
  • The healing power of sharing our shame with safe people
  • Discerning when to share publicly and when not to
  • Our Instagram practices and rituals so that it doesn’t drain our energy
  • And SO much more!


About Natalie MacNeil

Natalie MacNeil is the founder of Coaching Evolved and its signature Transformational Embodiment Coaching Certification, the only ICF-accredited multi-modality certification of its kind. She’s also an Emmy Award–winning media entrepreneur listed on the Levo 100 as a “transformer of our generation” and featured by Inc. as one of “27 women leaders changing the world.” She is devoted to expanding human potential and inspiring people to live deeply meaningful lives through her books, videos, interactive films, coaching experiences, and live events. She has been featured in Elle, Glamour, People, TIME, Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, and more.





IG: https://www.instagram.com/nataliemacneil/


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