COVID Unresolved Trauma: Healing Our Bodies & Society after the Pandemic

In my latest episode of “Can’t be Contained,” I solo jam on a profound topic that resonates with all of us: post-traumatic COVID disorder. The world has collectively gone through one of the most traumatic experiences in recent history, but our bodies are still in a post-traumatic response.

During the episode, I share my insights on the unresolved trauma that is still lingering within us. I paint a vivid picture of how trauma has impacted our physicality, emotionality, spirituality, and our ability to connect with others. The global collective nervous system is affected, causing a constant feeling of waiting for the next shoe to drop.

I emphasize the importance of addressing this unresolved trauma individually, as our personal healing contributes to the collective healing of humanity. By allowing ourselves to purge, resolve, and metabolize the pain and trauma, we can unleash our infinite potential and tap into our soul’s essence.

The post-traumatic COVID disorder includes various layers of pain – physical, emotional, and relational. From being physically affected by the virus to experiencing the pain of canceled events and strained relationships, the effects of COVID 19 have disrupted our lives on multiple levels.

This episode serves as an invitation to acknowledge and repair the emotional wounds caused by the pandemic. 

Show notes:

00:02:07 Release trauma, embrace healing and uncertain world.

00:04:38 Unleashing potential through healing and awakening.

00:08:56 Relationship strain is emotionally costly; repair and forgive.

00:11:15 Acknowledge, release, strengthen, connect, repair, let go.

00:13:29 Love all parts of me to be whole.

00:16:43 Acknowledging and caring for your nervous system.

About the host, Samantha Skelly

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